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Our offer


A mission based on quality

Our mission at Parador Foods is to share our passion for food by offering consumers superior products made in Canada. Driven by the values of rigour, respect and team spirit, we aspire to continue our growth in the field of liquid bouillon concentrates and to develop other value-added products categories, while remaining a family business on a human scale.

Why choose
Parador Foods?

As the largest manufacturer of liquid bouillon concentrates in Canada, Parador Foods is a supplier of choice for the leading grocery store chains in the country, including Loblaw, Sobeys and Metro, with whom we have a long-standing business relationship.

We offer these competitive
advantages to our partners:


Thanks to our proven expertise in producing liquid bouillon concentrates and our experienced research and development team, we can develop customized products that reflect the latest in food trends and standards.

Added value

We excel at creating house brands and at contract manufacturing; this means that we meet our objectives according to client requirements and deadlines. We act quickly to address any client questions or concerns, and provide support from recipe development right through to product launch.

Superior quality

Our bouillons are made with real, high-quality ingredients, resulting in better products at a competitive price.


Our client relationships are founded on our team’s integrity and dedication, and on our commitment to consistent quality and service.

Stringent quality control

We analyze and evaluate every lot produced to ensure quality and compliance with clients established standards. Furthermore, we only work with accredited suppliers and have a certification program in place to assess compliance of our procurement requirements and specifications.

The best practices in the industry

At Parador Foods, we have access to best practices in manufacturing, inspection, and monitoring.

Our employees are trained in best manufacturing practices

and we have implemented a capacity-building program to continuously improve our systems.

All raw materials are inspected

on receipt to guarantee that deliveries comply with best food safety practices.

We have implemented a proven monitoring system

for all raw materials and packaging; monitoring begins when items are received and continues until the finished products are delivered to our clients.

Parador Foods adheres to CFIA food safety requirements.

Annual third-party audits are carried out by the SQF

to verify the effectiveness of our programs and to ensure that our processes and facilities comply with industry standards.