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The Parador brand
synonymous with quality

Parador Foods makes a complete line of liquid bouillon concentrates in chicken, beef, vegetable, vegan and international flavours, as well as liquid seasoning blends for rice, marketed under the Parador and Spice-A-Rice brands. Many Canadian retailers choose these products, renowned for their quality and their fresh ingredients.

Liquid bouillon concentrates for all tastes

Our liquid bouillon concentrates are an easy way to add flavour and aroma to your soups, stews, sauces and casseroles. They’re also perfect for brushing onto meat before cooking. Our bouillons come in various formats to give consumers different options.

  • Vegetable liquid bouillon concentrates
  • Beef liquid bouillon concentrate
  • Chicken liquid bouillon concentrates
  • Vegan liquid bouillon concentrates
  • Internationally inspired liquid bouillon concentrates

Seasonings to
jazz up your rice

Marketed under the Spice-A-Rice brand, we have a liquid rice seasoning blend for everyone. Our range of rice seasonings pair with any dish making it easy for consumers to add variety to their meals and to transform your dish into an unforgettable taste experience.

  • Oriental seasoning for rice
  • Fine herbs seasoning for rice
  • Pilaf seasoning for rice
  • Moroccan seasoning for rice
  • Indian seasoning for rice
  • Thai seasoning for rice
  • Szechuan seasoning for rice
  • Italian seasoning for rice

Émulsion brand salad dressings

Brighten up your day!

We offer a line of unique and flavourful salad dressings to bring some colour to your day!

Our practical and versatile dressings are a healthy and flavourful way for active and busy families to streamline their mealtimes.

Our line includes both classic flavours and bold, unexpected flavour combinations for our more adventurous customers.

Visit the Émulsion website to learn more. www.emulsionvinaigrettes.com


House brands


A wide variety
of products for house

Thanks to our cutting-edge equipment and extensive industry experience, we can create a wide range of liquid products for grocery chains across Canada:

  • Chicken liquid bouillon concentrates
  • Beef liquid bouillon concentrates
  • Vegetable liquid bouillon concentrates
  • Vegan liquid bouillon concentrates
  • Reduced-salt and gluten-free bouillons
  • Internationally inspired bouillon concentrates (Thai, miso, pho, etc.)
  • Premium bouillon concentrates (clean label)
  • Liquid seasoning blends for rice
  • Salad dressings
  • Sauces and marinades
  • Syrups

Recipes adapted to your market

Are you developing a new product that calls for custom bouillons or seasoning blends? We can work with you to create a recipe that perfectly suits your needs.

Here are a few examples of what we can do.

We can create an exclusive chicken bouillon base for a café-bakery menu’s soups.

We can design a new rice seasoning blend for side dishes at a restaurant chain.

From manufacturing to merchandizing

As experts in the food industry, we support our clients through every step of a new product rollout, from recipe development right through to merchandizing. We offer several product sizes to help maximize your customer sales.

At Parador Foods, you’ll find an enthusiastic partner who listens to your needs and adapts to your unique requests. Your brand is your most precious asset, and we’ll treat it as if it was our own.

Superior food products

Part of the reason our clients have chosen us since 1990 is that our products have a rich taste. Our superior products are the result of extensive experience and of quality ingredients selected with great care. By choosing quality ingredients, such as meats, vegetables and fresh herbs, we create liquid bouillons and seasoning blends with authentic flavours.

Vegetables and ingredients

Custom manufacturing


Recipes adapted to your needs

Parador Foods understands the unique needs of industrial and institutional foodservice users. That’s why we provide custom manufacturing services to these customers, creating liquid products that meet their specific needs.

Our research and development team can work with you to develop a recipe that perfectly suits your needs. Our goal is to provide superior and versatile products that make it easier to prepare its the food you serve.

High-quality ingredients

Since we only select the best ingredients, our liquid bouillons and other food products have a rich, authentic flavour that stands out from the crowd.

Our demanding standards and savvy preparation methods have earned us a reputation for excellence in creating custom products. Nothing is left to chance; all our products are subject to a rigorous methodology. We deliver your products to you in the container size of your choice; our packaging is designed to preserve product quality.

Attuned to market trends

Our team is passionate about the food industry and keeps up with the latest trends to provide you with bouillons and other products that reflect evolving market trends and ever-changing customer needs:

  • Low sodium bouillon
  • Vegan bouillon
  • Clean label
  • Preservative free
  • Organic
  • Internationally inspired flavours
  • Internationally inspired flavours
  • And much more!

We are constantly working on new products that will meet our high quality standards, helping you diversify your offer and appeal to all tastes!

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Contract manufacturing


Increase your production capacity

Parador Foods offers food-based businesses contract manufacturing and packaging services for their products. Employing this strategy can improve the profitability of your operations, eliminating the need to train employees and invest in the latest technology and leaving you time to focus on promoting and marketing your products.

Let us put our experience, cutting-edge facilities and efficiency to work for you, and help you meet your productivity objectives.

Expert planning

Specific taste requirements, events that modify demand, rapid distribution: we can adapt to any situation and provide you with exceptional customer service. Our proactive team meticulously plans each step of your product manufacturing process to ensure there are no delays or interruptions.

Personalized support

Our food industry specialists will support you through each step of the process, from recipe analysis through to product delivery in your preferred size. Our keen listening skills, expertise and enthusiasm enable us to adapt to all your unique contract manufacturing needs.

Cutting-edge facilities

The facilities at Parador Foods are home to cutting-edge assembly and packaging lines that meet the highest safety standards. Our plant is SQF certified and adheres to HACCP system standards, guaranteeing that our products meet current regulations. We only work with accredited suppliers and have implemented a tested and proven traceability system for all raw materials and packaging that we use.